Friday, August 1, 2014

The Soul Survivors - Expressway To Your Heart

I just love this record. How could you not? When this was recorded, the Soul Survivors consisted of brothers Richie and Charlie Ingui along with Kenny Jeremiah. The trio started out recording under the group name The Dedications several years earlier. Here they are recording as the Dedications on the Bell record label from early 1965 with the song I Ain't A Bit Sorry:

After Expressway became a monster hit for them and the Crimson record label (which was owned by Jerry Greene, who also owned the Lost-Nite record label which eventually turned into Collectables Records), the group issued an LP and two follow up singles on the label (which were both non-album singles). The second single made the top 40 while the third didn't crack the top 60, though they were excellent records, as well. By 1968 the group switched to Atco records, where in 1969 the group bubbled under the Billboard charts with the #115 charting Mama Soul (another great record that should've done better).

Today, Kenny Jeremiah is a radio DJ and also a solo performer, while the Ingui brothers keep the sound of the Soul Survivors alive, and are often seen as part of Joey Dee's current band.

Here are some alternate versions of Expressway To Your Heart for you to enjoy:

Eric Records put this version out on their cd, Hard To Find 45's On Cd: Sweet Soul Sounds 1963-1971. They took the longer studio recording of the song, edited it down so that it included everything found on the single and then they included a bit extra where the song runs to the breakdown of the session. Pretty neat. They also included the tambourine on the intro to the song, which they must've added as a new, recently recorded overdub, as it apparently was not on the multitrack. Collectables records had issued a version on CD in stereo that was a less than stellar mix and was missing the overdub on the intro. I won't post that version here, but how would you like to hear how the complete take for the recording went? I did find this one online, surprisingly!:

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