Friday, August 1, 2014

The Record Vault Is Opening Again??

Holy cow! It's been nearly six years since I've posted on this blog! Sorry about that. 

Soon after I abandoned ship here, I switched over to a YouTube account. Then two, then three, now I have five of them, each of them I post different things to, with different purposes. I think what I might start doing with this blog is to continue posting again, but this time with youtube videos instead. Now, every video I'll post from here will be something I own. I might post multiple videos in a post, one being a record I own and another being perhaps an alternate take or stereo version, but I think I will do something new with this blog and not worry about posting mp3s to divshare (though I might still do that, too!). 

That said, the reason I came back to this blog is because I had created another one to talk about what's been going on in my life and my comments on other things that happen in the world.... and I saw that I still had this blog, and it was still getting hits every single day. That amazed me most of all, that people would still find interest in just a couple of posts on a blog from nearly 6 years earlier. I'm busier now than I was back then, but I'll probably be posting as often as I can on here, so check back for new videos often!

Since this is somewhat of a "welcome back" for me, I thought I'd return with the song Welcome Back (the theme from the TV show Welcome Back Kotter) by John Sebastian on Reprise Records. I own this on a promotional 45 that calls the song Welcome Back Kotter, as well as a stock 45 that shows the title simply as Welcome Back. This isn't my youtube video, as some that i post won't be, but it sure gets the point across. 

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