Sunday, April 6, 2008


This record is one I have enjoyed quite a bit. In fact, both sides of it are great. This side is the one that made it to #115 on Billboard (and judging by the x's on the label was the one that the radio staion it was sent to had picked to become the hit), but it was originally slated to be the B side of the record. The flipside, a song called Don't Separate Us, is more of an uptempo pop song, while this side has sort of a country feel to it. Of course, the record was produced by legendary country music producer Jerry Kennedy, which accounts for the country feel of this side. It didn't hurt that Jerry Kennedy was also Linda Brannon's husband.
However, I think the flip side would've been better plugged to top 40 radio stations while this side should've been left to a popular country singer to record. After listening to this a few times, I could easily picture Skeeter Davis doing a version of this song, however she never did record it. Curiously, Madeline Bell did record a version of it in 1967, which has more of a pop sound to it, but to me it will always sound like a country pop record no matter who is performing it. Perhaps somewhere down the line, I will end up spotlighting the flip side of this disc. Neither side seems to have been reissued anywhere, which is a shame. If any record company execs read this, put these sides out on cd!

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Can you please post the song by Linda Brannon called "Don't Seperate Us" ?
Thank you