Thursday, April 3, 2008


The purpose of this blog is to allow me to share whatever 45 in my collection is getting heavy rotation on my turntable at any given time. This means I could add one a day, or one a month...
The 45 currently getting a bit of play from my record collection currently is this interesting cover of the Beatles' tune, When I Get Home, done by the Back Alley on Date records from 1968. This appears to be their only release, and I know nothing about the band (as will probably be the case with most records I post to this blog). This group may have been channeling Vanilla Fudge while recording this's easy to imagine, if you forget that it is actually a Beatles song. The B side of this record is a tune called Soda Pop Man, which has been comped onto a couple of albums, The Bottomless Pit Volume 1 and Sir Psych Presents: Volume 5.

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Jude said...

Too cool!!! I am your first poster!!! Way to go, ST...I look forward to seeing your collection here!! Aren't you glad I suggested this? LOL