Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hello world...... miss me? Well, this is what happens when I go on vacation. I lose track of my blog immediately as a rock and roll legend passes away and then get busy enough to not be able to post something for several weeks. Well, it's time to change that.

Today I bring you a record by the Rondels. Yeah, you remember their big record (the #61 charting Back Beat No. 1 on Amy Records). I know this because the flip side of this release is written by L. Petze and N. Lateo, one of whom was a member of the group. The group was comprised of Ray Pizzi on sax, Jimmy Petze on bass guitar, Lenny Petze on lead guitar, and Lenny Collins on drums.
This record is largely ignored and is never mentioned in the group's discographies, but it's clearly the same group, and it's time it gets some recognition. Now, I know little to nothing about the release of this 45. I'm assuming it is either from 1962 or 1963, as their last AMY label single came out in 1962. I know the record was pressed at the Shelley Products LTD. plant because the labels are not glued to the labels very well and could easily come detached from the record. If anyone out there has any more information on this record, I would love to hear from you.
Until then, sit back, turn your speakers to full volume, and let the Rondels shake your walls with their version of Hey Bo Diddley!

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