Saturday, May 3, 2008


Dig this record.... it was released in January 1969, based on the Monarch pressing plant matrix numbers, and was the B side of the record! If this had been issued 2 years earlier on a major record label as the A side, i have no doubt it could've seen some chart action. I know absolutely nothing about this group/record/label at all, but based on the release number (#1003), i'll assume this is not the first record issued on PUBLIC! Records.

Some internet searching tells me that this song was written by John L. Colonna, Stanley Clements, Robert Lee Smith, and Laurie Ruth Cazden. Robert Lee Smith has several songs listed at ASCAP, and although he wrote the "A" side of this single (Chain Gang Man) with Bob Durfee, it is not listed on ASCAP. This record was also produced by John Colonna and Stanley Clements, which may also be why the songs were published by Jay-Stan Music. I would love to have more information on the group members, this record label, etc if anyone out there can help supply me with any. Until then, sit back and enjoy the music!


Dennis O'Brien said...

Laurie Ruth Cazden also wrote under the name Lori Cazden See: "Love Is The Only Good Thing" by Preston Epps on Jo-Jo 107 also released in 1969. Cool record you found there.

Dennis O'Brien said...

Laurie Ruth Cazden also wrote under the name Lori Cazden. See: "Love Is The Only Good Thing" by Preston Epps on the Jo-Jo #107 label which was also released in 1969. Hope this helps a little. Nice record find there.

grsasso said...

My name is gary sasso and I was the lead guitar player on this record and in the band.
All the band members were involved in the production of this record and others.
The band consisted of:
Robert E. Lee (Smith)-lead vocal,song writer and leader
Robert "Bob" Durfee-lead vocal,song writer, harmonica & saxophone
John E. Johnson lead singer & bass guitar
Van Bailey drums and percussion
Kenny (sorry,I don't remember his last name) lead singer, keyboards
gary sasso lead guitar,arrangement
We recorded on the Public label with Jay Colonna and Stanley Clements as mangers
We played in the L.A. area for a little over a year from 1968 to 1969. After our breakup some members reformed as a band called "Scurvy" and played together for about another yeaar before everyone went their seperate ways.
I have not heard from any of these guys since and would love to make contact with any of them again.
I have a copy of a partial set recorded live at a club called "Nutty Nero's" which I may post later.
You can contact me at :
Thank you for the interest in our music and for the opportunity to make this posting.
It is really amazing to see our record still out there !!And to hear that some people who were not even born then are liking what we did so many years ago.